Apparently nobody told Wyoming that August still means summer.



Family time

Farm sitting

As long as it’s summer!

20 miles of hiking this weekend with my favorite hound in my favorite mountains.

My favorite boys

Dear Tumblr,

Namely you professional travelers, whose photo journeys I use to escape my 9-5. Which, really? How did that even happen.
I need a suggestion or a direction or a sign.
Wyoming is great, but I think I’ve worn out my welcome, for now. And I need something new.
So where do I go from here?
This isn’t abstract or rhetorical. I’m really and truly looking for suggestions. Companies that are awesome, places that would be warm or welcoming to a newcomer.
No tremendous metropolises, but the ability to find work is integral. I’ve got that pesky fine art degree to pay for.
But also if I could stop paper pushing- that would be ideal.

Internet- hook a sister up.


One day back in the real world- and I’m itching to get back out.

Kentucky Indiana Kansas Illinois Missouri Colorado Wyoming. But not home.

It is good to know that Jackie is still in there somewhere though. Easy to lose track of her here.